SNPnexus for Covid-19
Query information, Visualisations and Tools
  • Dataset Name: A1slim_B1slim_C1slim_C2slim_D1slim_zipped
  • Human Assembly: GRCh38/hg38
  • Number of valid queries: 5
  • Total Number of variants: 20488
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  • These results will be available until 11:01 a.m., 03 Dec 2020 (GMT)
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    Annotation Results
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  • MAF Tools Visualisations
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  • The following visualisations reflect the filters applied to the results
  • Predicted functional consequences
  • Karyotype of genomic consequences
  • Reactome Pathways Enrichment Graph
  • Bar plot of predicted deleterious effect
  • Karyotype of predicted deleteriousness
  • Drug-Target-Phenotype Network